Week 3 (2015)

Land Conflicts in Northern Uganda

Producer/Writer: Sarah Petz
Technical Producer: Mark Valcour

About the documentary:

In the summer of 2013, Sarah lived in northern Uganda, where she held an internship at a local radio station in Gulu while completing her radio documentary on how land conflicts are affecting development and have become a threat to peace and recovery in the region, nearly ten years after the end of the civil war.


About the producer:

Sarah Petz
Sarah Petz

Born and raised in Manitoba, Sarah cut her teeth in journalism at the age of 18 when she was hired as a news reporter for the University of Manitoba student newspaper, The Manitoban. Since then she has contributed to several local and national news organizations, including Maclean’s, Winnipeg Free Press, National Post, CBC News Network, and CBC’s Power and Politics with Evan Solomon. In 2014 she was awarded the prestigious CBC News Joan Donaldson Scholarship, which gave her the opportunity to work in various capacities for CBC News programs over the summer of 2014. She holds a master of journalism degree from Carleton University. She currently works as a multimedia journalist for the Sault Star in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. You can learn more at http://thesarahpetz.com/.



When We All Love Deng Lijun

Producer/Writer: Chris Chang-Yen Phillips

About the documentary:

From CJSR’s All That Matters, producer Chris Chang-Yen Phillips sets out to find out why Taiwanese pop singer Deng Lijun has such a powerful hold on listeners across Asia and North America.


About the producer:

Chris Yang-Chen Phillips
Chris Chang-Yen Phillips (Photo credit: Trevor Chow-Fraser)

Chris Chang-Yen Phillips is a storyteller, people weaver, and the News Coordinator for CJSR 88.5 FM in Edmonton.

Born and raised in Edmonton, his education has taken him to many corners of the world and back home to tell stories through radio and writing. Chris spent most of his university career at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. Along the way, he studied Mandarin at Sichuan University in western China, and studied and worked in Ghana through Trent’s International Development Studies partnership with the University of Ghana.

He’s had his hand in print and online media, as well in radio production and podcasting. He has worked as a freelance writer for Edmonton’s Vue Weekly and as a reporter and associate editor at Trent’s Arthur newspaper. He also worked for CBC Radio in Toronto as a 2011 Peter Gzowski intern, where he produced for shows like Metro Morning, Big City Small World, and As It Happens. In 2012 he was named one of Alberta’s Top 30 Under 30 by the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation.



Producer/Writer: Brian Cauley

About the documentary:

Women is an episode from a podcast that was started on the station CFXU in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. It was one of three produced as part of Brian’s Masters in Media Production thesis at Ryerson University. It features the voices of various Spoken Word Poets, all on the subject of ‘women’.

About the producer:

Brian Cauley
Brian Cauley

Brian Cauley is a Host & Producer, Artist, Writer, and Coffee Drinker. His pieces have been aired on CBC, The Banff Centre, Broadcasting Canada and more. His art has been in places like Nuit Blanche, TEDx, and Art of the Danforth. Brian is the host of the Podcast Tiny Conversations and is climbing the highest mountain in every Province and Territory in Canada for the Web-Series The Peakbaggers. You can learn more at briancauley.ca.

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