Week 1

The Ballad of Myrtle and Charlie Ed

Producer/writer: Anthony Goertz

About the documentary:

Anthony Goertz brings you an exclusive story about the great elephant escape of 1926. This true story entails an elephant stomping around Jasper Avenue in Edmonton’s downtown core, and again on Calgary’s stampede grounds. Listen on to find out how Canadians dealt with an elephant escape, and then decide for yourself whether or not this was the original Bonnie & Clyde for elephants.

About the producer:

Anthony Goertz.

Anthony Goertz is an Edmonton-based filmmaker, bartender, poet, and friend. His art work can be seen at his website: anthonygoertz.com







Without You: International Adoption in Canada

Producer/writer: George Turnbull

About the documentary:

“Without You” follows the journey of producer George Turnbull as he contemplates becoming an adoptive parent. Through interviews with some of Canada’s veteran social workers, adoption agencies, adoptive parents, and international scholars, this comprehensive radio documentary examines past and current issues surrounding transracial international adoption in Canada, with a focus on prospective single parents and members of the LGBTQI+ community. Each story brings to light the joys and challenges of international adoption.

Vintage photograph of producer George Turnbull with his twin sister and adoptive mother.

About the producer:

George Turnbull is an award-winning stage and screen scholar and practitioner. He holds a B.A. and M.A., and is currently completing his government-funded doctoral research in Cinema and Media Studies. Turnbull is appointed as the Graduate Student Representative of the Film Studies Association of Canada, and as the President of the Graduate Film Student Association at York University. His most recent work is as a journalist with Canada’s leading dance publication, The Dance Current.

George Turnbull.