Week 1 (2018)

Black Beach

Producer/Writer: Chris Connolly

Photo by Chris Connolly.

About the documentary:

“It’s her life and she’s allowed to do that.” Two childhood friends reconnect in heartache on an isolated cove of the Bay of Fundy, and flounder about as men in what they might otherwise have learned as boys.

The documentary was produced for a forthcoming episode of the sound art project Constellations, which will air July 13. The documentary also features the song “Illuminations” by Lee Rosevere.

About the producer:

Chris Connolly (by Fatin Chowdury).

Over the past 10 years, Chris’s career has gone by many names: from community organizing and policy analysis, to qualitative research and storytelling. As a producer, he orchestrates sound-rich stories from fearlessly intimate moments: when uncommon everyday people challenge and reinvent the mainstream cultures they can no longer abide. He is based in Tkaranto, on the land now known as Canada. For more about Chris and his work, visit https://chrisconnolly.work/.

A Curious Case of the Blues

Producer/Writer: Abby Madan

Mwalim playing keyboard at Gilda’s Stone Rooster in Marion, MA (by Abby Madan, 2017).

About the documentary:

Mwalim is a musician in Mashpee who’s got a curious theory about the origins of the blues. Through his music, he’s on a mission to share it.

About the producer:

Abby Madan is an award-winning independent audio producer. She interweaves sound and story to spark discovery, build empathy, and cultivate community. Her work has featured on NPR’s WNYC, KJZZ, WCAI, WOUB, on Transom.org, and on the podcast network CANADALAND. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley, the Transom Story Workshop, and an NPR Next Generation Radio fellow. For more visit www.abbymadan.com/about

Abby Madan.

Capoeira and the Spread of Afro-Brazilian Culture from Latin America to Edmonton

Producer/Writer: Nathan Fung

About the documentary:

What happens when you take capoeira, a martial art developed by slaves in Brazil in the 16th century, and make it mainstream centuries down the line? Does it still manage to be a tool for the oppressed? Follow Nathan Fung as he explores the continuing importance of capoeira in society.

About the producer:

Nathan Fung (PC Rosty Soroka).

Nathan is a journalist based in Edmonton, Alberta, and is currently employed by the University of Alberta student newspaper, The Gateway. He has over three years of writing and reporting experience, with over 170 articles published to date. During his time at The Gateway, Nathan has covered a number of topics relevant to students at the U of A including student politics and tuition increases. His writing has also been published in Maclean’s magazine.

Recovery: A man’s long road to sobriety

Producer/Writer: Arvin Joaquin

About the documentary:

The opioid epidemic doesn’t discriminate. It transcends age, class, and status. In this documentary, Arvin Joaquin spoke to Josh Clatney, an Ottawa youth on his road to recovery. Clatney talks about his experience with drug use and its effects on life.

             Arvin Joaquin.

About the producer:

Arvin Joaquin is a journalist and editor based in Toronto, Ontario. He currently works as associate editor for Xtra, Canada’s queer news source. He holds a Master of Journalism degree from Carleton University in Ottawa. His work has also appeared in The Vancouver Courier, CTV News, Thought Catalog, CKCU-FM, CKNW 980, and Global News.