Week 2 (2018)

The Journey of Chilean Exiles and Changes in Identity

Producer/Writer: Marcela Cubillos

About the documentary:

For Marcela Cubillos, her father’s experiences as a Chilean political refugee has been central to her life. So when given the opportunity to explore this topic further through a Community Learning Service project at the University of Alberta, she dived in deep. In this radio documentary, Marcela interviews her father, uncle, and other Chilean-Canadians about their experiences coming to Canada as well as their unique identities as political refugees.
Music credit: Violeta Parra.

About the producer:

Marcela Cubillos is an undergraduate student at the University of Alberta. As the daughter of Chilean exile, she is passionate about exploring the unique identities of Chilean Canadians and their unique ties to their homeland. This past winter, Marcela participated in a Community Service Learning project with campus-community radio station CJSR where she was given the opportunity to share these stories of Chilean exiles and bring light to many of their issues.

My Brother’s Keepers (Part 1)

Producer/Writer: Anthony Goertz

About the documentary:

Where does responsibility lie in our justice system? As part of a Community Service Learning placement with CJSR 88.5 FM, Anthony Goertz explores questions of justice and masculinity in Canadian prisons through a two part radio documentary.

About the producer:

Anthony Goertz is an Edmonton-based filmmaker, bartender, poet, and friend. His art works can be seen at his website: anthonygoertz.com.

Anthony Goertz.