Week 3 (2016)

This year, week 3 of the SurroundSound Festival will showcase documentaries from students at the University of Alberta. These documentaries were produced  as part of a Community Service Learning placement at CJSR through the University of Alberta.

 The Ability to Inspire: Sustainability in Schools

Producers/Writers: Nicole Richard and Paula Daza

About the documentary:

Think back to a time when you were in school (you might even be a student right now!). How much did you know about sustainability? Did you know what the phrase meant? Did you care? Right now, sustainability education is becoming more and more prevalent in schools, but we still have a long way to go. Nicole Richard and Paula Daza explore the ways that teachers and students in Edmonton are working on making their schools more sustainable.

About the producers:

Nicole Richard is an Edmonton elementary/ junior high teacher who is passionate about sustainability and social justice. She recently graduated from the University of Alberta and is currently working on a new Fine Arts program at Holy Redeemer School.

Paula Daza is an aspiring teacher, specializing in music education. She is currently a student at the University of Alberta, finishing her program in Elementary Education. Outside of her studies, she loves to spend time with her family, whether it’s travelling to new places or making music together.

They created this documentary as part of their project to incorporate community service into their degrees. To learn more about their project We the Future, click here.



Producers/Writers: Amanda Rooney and Wai Tarp

About this documentary:

Although Ecofeminism is not a well known environmental movement, Ecofeminism and Ecofeminist ideas are found in books, art, environmental activism, and government policy. But what is it? Is it relevant today? And how can we live out Ecofeminist principles in our everyday life?

About the producers:

Amanda Rooney is a second year undergraduate student at the University of Alberta working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies. Amanda is new to radio, she hopes to continue volunteering with CJSR and developing radio skills. Her interests and hobbies are forever changing but she has a particular interest in food politics at the moment.

Edmonton Raptivism, Nueva Cancion, and the Politics of Involvement

Producers/Writers: Meagan Miller, Ashley Doughty and Andrea Chidley

About the documentary:

Three University of Alberta students worked on this radio segment for a Community Service Learning project for their Latin American Studies Popular Music class. The students collaborated with their Professor Russell Cobb and came up with the idea to showcase local Edmonton rap collective, The People’s Poets. With the guidance of CJSR radio, the students interviewed Rod Loyola who hails from Chile originally and is now an MLA for Edmonton-Ellerslie with the Alberta NDP. Rod showcased the origins of his own raptivism and how getting involved has helped propel his own passion for advocacy.

About the producers: