Week 3 (2017)

This Recovery Belongs To Me

Producer/Writer: Leo McKay

About the documentary:

Matthew Samways.

Two years ago, Matthew Samways was dead. After an evening of bingeing on MDMA, cocaine, and valium, his body gave out. His heart stopped beating. His friends, afraid of the consequences for themselves if the ambulance drivers saw what was inside the house, dragged Matthew out the door and across the sidewalk, where they left him in the snow.

This was January. This was Halifax. This was in the middle of a blizzard.
Now 24 years old and very much alive, Matthew reflects back on the decade of addiction that led to that cold moment in the snow. In This Recovery Belongs to Me, producer Leo McKay mixes Matthew’s story and Matthew’s own music and the music of his former band, Pig, into a harrowing tale of addiction, recovery, and literal life after death.
This Recovery Belongs to Me is an episode of a podcast called Handheld Radio.
Matthew Samways & Leo McKay.

About the producer

Leo McKay produces a podcast called Handheld Radio. He teaches high school English in Truro, Nova Scotia and has written three books of fiction: two novels and a collection of stories. This Recovery Belongs to Me is his debut piece as an audio producer.

Leo McKay.