Week 2 (2017)


Producer/Writer: Arvin Joaquin

About the documentary:

Imagine there was an undo button for love? All those bittersweet memories could be erased with a tap. Some people would use that unlove button, but others might be nervous. In this short documentary, Arvin Joaquin talks to those who are brave enough to say goodbye to someone they love. UNLOVE was originally aired after Valentine’s Day on the current affairs program, The Scoop.  It focuses on the human ability to deliberately stop loving someone — or something — for whatever reason.

About the producer

Arvin Joaquin

Arvin is a Master of Journalism student at Carleton University in Ottawa. He is a big fan of stories that showcase the nuances of the human experience. He believes that great storytelling is humane, thought provoking, and relatable. His work has been featured in Thought Catalog, The Vancouver Courier, CTV News, and Global BC.






Virtual Reality

Producer/Writer: Alison Sandstrom

About the documentary:

Say virtual reality, and most of us think of gaming. But the technology’s applications are actually far broader than that. And they’re rapidly expanding. In fact, we’re just starting to scratch the surface of what VR can be.

Rebecca Johnston is fascinated with VR’s potential to facilitate human connection. She runs a small VR studio with her family where fun is just part of their mission.
Gamers use HTC Vive headsets inside Colony VR in Ottawa.

About the producer:

Alison Sandstrom

Alison Sandstrom is a recent journalism school grad. She loves radio for its simplicity and its intimacy. Alison is currently based in Accra, Ghana, as an intern with Farm Radio International.






Healing Through Harmonies

Producers/Writers:  Paul Loughran and Joseph O’Connor

About the documentary:

Healing Through Harmonies tells the story of The Music Project in Sri Lanka, a community initiative which teaches classical music to Tamil and Sinhalese school children, helping to build bridges between communities once divided by war. The documentary leads the producers to Colombo, Mullavi and Kurunegala in Sri Lanka, as well as to Belfast in Northern Ireland where some striking parallels surrounding peace and reconciliation are discovered.


About the producers:

Paul Loughran & Joseph O’Connor

Joseph O’Connor is a business journalist and award-winning editor based in Dublin, Ireland. When not writing about Irish business affairs, Joseph can be found reporting on global development issues, often travelling to far-flung places to uncover an interesting story. He is a three-time recipient of the Simon Cumbers Media Fund and has previously won two editor awards at the Magazine Ireland Awards. Joseph is a mobile journalism enthusiast and aside from work, he is a lover of craft beer, football, cinema and travel. Joseph holds an MA in International Relations from Dublin City University.

Paul Loughran is a radio producer and videographer based in Dublin, Ireland. He works primarily in community media and over the last 12 years has worked on over 100 commissioned radio productions and special live broadcasts. His work is commissioned through the Simon Cumbers Media Fund, Sound & Vision, Communicating Europe & various national and EU funded production initiatives, many of which have dealt with development issues. Paul is also a folk musician with his bandThe Longtails, and instrumental music from The Longtails is used in the Healing Through Harmonies documentary.


 HIV, Gay Men, and Fear

Producer/Writer: Ramraajh Sharvendiran

About the documentary:

HIV, Gay Men, and Fear is a Radio doc exploring the evolution of the relationship Gay men have had with HIV/AIDS.

More information on HIV/AIDS can be found at www. catie.ca.

AIDS Vigil Toronto


About the producer:

Ramraajh Sharvendiran

Ramraajh is a nosey Sri Lankan Tamil, born and raised in Toronto, Canada. His love of radio has always rivaled his attraction to cheese. While studying Communications at York University he joined his then college station CHRY 105.5 FM, hosting and producing a weekly Queer and Trans focused program for eight years entitled Queer Currents. He then moved on to help launch CJRU 1280 AM by building and hosting a daily morning show called Morning Mixtape. Over the past year Ramraajh went on to news casting and producing a weekly current affairs program at CKHC 96.9 FM.  Somewhere in the last ten years he has also had a 5 year career in public health, and is currently interning at CBC Radio One’s The Current.