Week 4 (2018)

Youth Voices and Climate Change

Producer/Writer: Andrea Wiebe

About the documentary:

In this documentary, University of Alberta student Andrea Wiebe follows a group of high school students from all over the world who came together through a common passion: climate change. For two months leading up to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change conference in Edmonton, the students had been preparing themselves by participating in an online classroom sharing blog posts and video conferences related to the theme of “Cities and Climate Change.” Andrea follows the stories of Sofia Velez, Suhanee Giroti, and the rest of their classmates as they write a paper together and present it to policymakers and researchers at the IPCC conference.
The students’ IPCC white paper can be found on “Virtual Town Hall White Papers.” All pictures by Carrie Karsgaard.

About the producer:

Andrea Wiebe studies Environmental and Conservation Sciences at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta. She produced the Youth Voices and Climate Change podcast as part of a Community Service Learning (CSL) project offered through her Environmental Sociology class last winter. Andrea hopes to continue to build on the skills she learned through her incredible experience working with CJSR radio to keep finding other opportunities to tell meaningful stories.

Andrea Wiebe at CJSR.

The Send Off

Producer/Writer: Abby Madan

About the documentary:

When Fran Meriot’s dad died suddenly in her home in Massachusetts, the idea of calling a stranger from a funeral home felt strange, impersonal. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands. This is a story about the work that grief demands.

About the producer:

Abby Madan is an award-winning independent audio producer. She interweaves sound and story to spark discovery, build empathy, and cultivate community. Her work has featured on NPR’s WNYC, KJZZ, WCAI, WOUB, on Transom.org, and on the podcast network CANADALAND. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley, the Transom Story Workshop, and an NPR Next Generation Radio fellow. For more visitwww.abbymadan.com/about

Abby Madan.


Diversity in Journalism Schools

Producer/Writer: Arvin Joaquin

About the documentary:

We talk about the diversity issue in newsrooms, but what about diversity in journalism schools? In this documentary, Arvin Joaquin explores the issue of diversity and representation in journalism schools and the media.

Arvin Joaquin.

About the producer:

Arvin Joaquin is a journalist and editor based in Toronto, Ontario. He currently works as associate editor for Xtra, Canada’s queer news source. He holds a Master of Journalism degree from Carleton University in Ottawa. His work has also appeared in The Vancouver Courier, CTV News, Thought Catalog, CKCU-FM, CKNW 980, and Global News.