Week 3

Thinking Like A Plant

Producer/writer: Charly Blais

About the documentary:

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What is it like to be a plant? Do plants make choices? Do they… think? Terra Informa’s Charly Blais interviews Megan Ljubotina, a graduate student at the University of Alberta who studies plant foraging behaviour, to find out about the ways plants might be making decisions to improve their fitness, how scientists are studying this topic, and what it means for us.

About the producer:Charly Blais

Charly Blais is an undergraduate student in honours ecology at the University of Alberta and a self-described naturalist. Endlessly interested in learning about how the wild world around us works, she is specifically drawn to understanding animal behaviour, but also increasingly intrigued by the plantifully fascinating ways of flora as well as fauna. Besides spending time in the great outdoors, Charly loves hanging with her German Shepherd, Strider, half-finishing crosswords, making brunch, and watching old films.

JJ’s: The Story of JJ Smyth

Producer/writer: Paul Loughran

About the documentary:


JJ’s – The Story of JJ Smyth’s is an audio documentary about the revered Jazz and Blues music venue JJ Smyth’s which operated on Dublin’s Aungier Street for over 30 years. Hear the story of how JJ Smyth’s transformed from a function room above a pub into the most authentic Jazz and Blues club in Ireland. Featuring contributions from some of the many musicians, staff and promoters who knew JJ’s best.

About the producer:

Paul Loughran

Paul Loughran is an audio documentary producer and production manager based in in Dublin Ireland. Paul works for not for profit media organisation Near Media Co-Op (www.near.ie)