Week 2

The Menstruation Innovation

Producer/writer: Sydney Karbonik

About the documentary:

Earlier this year, Sydney hosted an educational event called Menstruation Innovation. She and other menstruation mentors discussed the environmental, social, and economic impact of menstrual products. Listen to their conversation as well as facts about periods, the environment, and what people can do to practice a greener period.

Sydney Karbonik.

About the producer:

Sydney Karbonik is a recent graduate of environmental studies program at the University of Alberta, focusing on society and politics of the environment. She loves yoga and good local eats!


The Name

Producer/writer: Anique Granger

About the documentary:

Crossing the Northwest Passage aboard the Canada C3 expedition, Charlene Bearhead and Aviaq Johnston share stories about the importance of names in Inuit and Aboriginal cultures. Jena Merkosak helps me translate them into song.

About the producer:

Fransaskois (francophone from Saskatchewan) singer-songwriter Anique Granger, now well established in Montreal, has been active on the Canadian music scene for over 20 years. Her upcoming fourth album, Le ruban de la cassette, is also a podcast series where the listener is witness to a conversation, a story, and the creative process behind the song.

Anique Granger (by Camille Gladu Drouin).

For more information on Anique’s podcast project, got to https://transistor.media/nos-balados/le-ruban-de-la-cassette/. You can also follow her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lerubandelacassette/.

The Glyde Mural

Producer/writer: Chris Chang-Yen Phillips

Sky Talk by Alex Janvier.
Alberta History by Henry Glyde in Rutherford Library.

About the documentary:

When Kelsey Chief took an orientation tour at the University of Alberta in 2015, one of the stops took her to a mural in Rutherford Library: Henry Glyde’s painting, “Alberta History.” In this documentary, Kelsey talks about the anger she felt seeing that mural. And University of Regina artist and professor David Garneau shares a different take on the mural. This documentary originally aired on Let’s Find Out, a local history podcast based in Edmonton.

About the producer:

Chris Chang-Yen Phillips (by Shelley Jodoin-Chouinard).

Chris Chang-Yen Phillips is a storyteller and people weaver. He hosts the podcast Let’s Find Out, and previously served as Edmonton’s 4th Historian Laureate and as the News Coordinator at CJSR 88.5 FM. Chris studied International Development Studies & Environment and Resource Studies at Trent University. He loves learning about science, nature, and history. And his favourite Star Trek movie is First Contact